About me

I was born in Heilbronn and grew up in the Heilbronn district.
My father is a barber and my mother a master hairdresser.
In my childhood I was often at work with my parents. The hairdressing trade was put into my cradle and I began my training as a hairdresser in 2003, which I finally completed successfully in 2006. After my apprenticeship I worked in different companies and cities like Bietigheim-Bissingen, Esslingen, Göppingen and Heilbronn and gained a lot of experience. In 2011 I decided to do my three-month hairdressing master course in Heidelberg and got to know the beautiful city of Heidelberg. After passing the master course I took over my mother’s hairdressing salon in 2011 and was self-employed in Nordhausen for 5 years. In 2013 I discovered my passion for barbering.

4 years later I found a barbershop in Heilbronn and realized „THIS IS MY PASSION!“ that was missing and “I WANT TO MAKE IT”.
After much lengthy and careful consideration I made in spring 2019 the decision to go my own way and to realize my own dreams and conceptions.

Desiree Conte

Master hairdresser, management